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Product designer and
front end engineer*
*lol not really

A little bit about myself

My name is Andy Ngo and I am a product designer and an aspiring front end engineer based in Malaysia. I am passionate about constructing design systems and always on the lookout for ways to bridge the gap between design and development. Taking photographs helps calm my sometimes anxious mind. I think Overwatch is a great game.

I am currently designing products at Supahands. On the side, I am working on Archetype where Justin (my business partner) and I are trying to make business tools more delightful. I also make very Normal and boring software.

Recent employment

In October 2013 I joined Talenox, a human resource management software company, attempting to create the friendliest payroll and leave management software.
Some areas that I've covered during my employment included constructing design systems, product design, user interface design, prototyping, visual identity design, front end development, and coming up with product strategy. Along the way I've picked up necessary skills in web technologies like HTML, CSS/Sass, basic JavaScript & React, Angular, basic Ruby on Rails, and basic PHP.

Yes, designers should code.

Retrospect 2017

The friendliest Payroll and Leave Management Software.
Created a component-based design system using React/Next.js. This should close the gap between design and engineering as it allows developers and non-designers to quickly put together a marketing page/flow using readily available components.
Front end development work for SITF partnership marketing page.
Designed and coded a new pricing page based on the latest pricing structure.
Front end development work for QuickBooks integration marketing page.
2 weeks in Japan, a webzine
In April, I fulfilled my childhood dream of visiting Japan. It was a very magical experience and naturally, I took a bunch of photographs during the trip. 2 weeks in Japan is a webzine to showcase my personal favourite photos of the trip. Launching soon.
Visited Kyoto, Tokyo, Takayama and Osaka. Also ate a whole bunch of ramen noodles, takoyaki, and sushi.
Carefully selected photos from the trip and post-processed them in Lightroom.
Designed and coded the website using React/Next.js.
To be updated.
A joint venture with my friend Justin to create delightful business tools. This is currently in ideation and planning stage.
Brainstorming and wireframing ideas.
Biggest update to my personal site since 2014.
Created a website to collect artifacts of my past work/personal experiences.
Giving Love
Helped Khailee and Elisa on a wedding/charity project.
Put together an MVP website based on a set of wireframes provided using Tachyons and Rails.

Retrospect 2016

The friendliest Payroll and Leave Management Software.
Designed and implemented an updated partners and consultants page.
Researched how different companies implement their referral systems. Also prototyped our own referral mechanics.
Consolidated some of our more commonly used CSS modules into a styleguide.
Implemented UI/UX improvement based on customers' feedback. Also implemented the commonly requested Month View.
Added a few UI/UX improvement to our internal admin tool.
Researched ways to make Talenox better. Also designed and prototyped flows and features that could help users be more productive with Talenox, specifically in areas such as onboarding, automation and importing.
Front end development work for DBS partnership marketing page.
Updated IR8A forms for 2016 financial year.
Updated the partners and consultants page
Explored ways to elevate the company's branding.

Retrospect 2015

The friendliest Payroll and Leave Management Software.
Create a basic guideline for how brand assets should be presented.
Designed and prototyped the Scheduler and Time Tracker modules.
Designed and implemented a free CPF Calculator tool.
Designed (an unused) Xero integration marketing page.
Prototyped a tool to dynamically change text color based on the given background color.
Designed and implemented the marketing pages for the three main modules (Profiles, Payroll, and Leave).
Designed visuals for marketing email.
Designed and implemented the Leave module.
Added UI/UX improvements to the login system.
Final year of university
Bachelor of Economics.
Final semester of university.
Made my mother proud.

Retrospect 2014

Get Around
I was frustrated by how unfriendly our local bus tracker app was. I decided to learn a bit of PHP over the weekend, just enough to put together a web-application that displays a feed of bus stops, buses locations, and arrival time.
Learned PHP, designed the web-app and launched the said web-app.
The friendliest Payroll and Leave Management Software.
Designed (the now scrapped) Invoice module.
Designed and implemented the very first marketing page.
Designed the first version of the blog. It was hosted on Tumblr before being scrapped and moved to Wordpress (no longer uses this theme).
Designed and implemented a 404 page.
Implemented the foundation for front end for Profiles, Payroll, Leave, Risk Management, Scheduler, and Time Tracker.
Researched ways to make calendar views better. A lot of the modules in Talenox rely on a calendar view in one way or another.
Freelance projects to help pay the bills.
Worked as an external party to help convert PSD designs to HTML/CSS.
Bachelor of Economics.
Semester 6 of university.
Semester 7 of university.

Retrospect 2013

Gushcloud Malaysia
A short two-month internship at a fast-paced local digital agency. While I was there I had the opportunity to work with a team of hardworking people as well as various brands. I helped out primarily with design and front end development during my two months there.
Helped various brands improve their digital experience.
Assisted in the design and front end implementation of an application for Sony's New Artists campaign.
Assisted in the design of an application for RHB Bank's campaign.
Helped out with the design a mobile application for Petronas' exhibition.
Assisted in the design and front end implementation of an application for TM Net's Hari Raya campaign.
Helped produce marketing materials for HungryGoWhere.
Helped design various graphic resources for local influencers.
After the end of my internship at Gushcloud MY, I was approached by Edwin, an ex-colleague at Gushcloud MY to help him and his co-founder out with their new venture. I joined as a contractor to help with design and front end work while juggling university at the same time.
Implemented front end for a project with Tech in Asia.
Shortly after, OneLegato shifted its focus from a tech consultancy to developing its own human-resource software. I helped out with the front end development during its early days.
Laying the front end foundation for many of the early modules.
Freelance projects to help pay the bills.
Icon design for an unreleased iOS new music notifier app.
Bachelor of Economics.
Semester 4 of university.
Semester 5 of university

Retrospect 2012

A short two-month internship at a reputable Malaysian social news startup. Unfortunately, I did not learn much from this internship as I was not sure of where and what to focus on. If I could do things differently, I would have attached myself to the product team, and learn more about the whole design and development process.
My first taste of startup culture.
Designed an internal dashboard to visualize important metrics. Unfortunately I did not get to finish this before the end of my internship.
Helped design marketing materials for social media use.
A program to promote internship at SAYS. I helped record footages that are used in the final video.
Freelance projects to help pay the bills.
Made a few icons for ParkWhiz.
Designed various icons for Create Method.
Icon design for a cat-themed alarm clock iOS app.
Bachelor of Economics.
Semester 2 of university.
Semester 3 of university.

Retrospect 2011

Bachelor of Economics.
Semester 1 of university.

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*Project periods are an estimation based on what I can remember as well as from combing through GitHub commits. Projects are normally completed in collaboration with other stakeholders. I do not take full credit for all of the projects listed. Some design elements on this site may be inspired by what I have seen online.